This is a “ground floor” opportunity for the right person. We have been building custom Jeeps since 1997. In the past couple years, we have added Alea Leather, JL Audio and Alpine to our list of quality vendors. However, we are still focusing on Jeeps. This is mostly because we lack an experienced installer to handle a wiser variety of vehicles. In the next few months, this is going to change. We are purchasing a new building with room for a dedicated 12 volt showroom and install bay(s).

What we are looking for is an entrepreneur. Someone willing and able to do whatever it takes to help get this off the ground. We will be the only car stereo, alarm, tint shop within 20+ miles. Boone, NC is growing rapidly. If we don’t do this, someone else will. It’s only a matter of time.

Our current workload consists mainly of fairly basic (although high-end) JL Audio and Alpine Restyle systems in brand new Jeep Wranglers, along with leather interiors and window tint. Once business starts to grow, we will need additional “helper” techs, which this position would oversee. This position will also be a part-time “salesperson” at the new location as well.

Compensation will be based on performance, a percentage of install and profit of products sold. The right person can make this venture successful and will be compensated well for it.

The owner has over 20 years experience in mobile/consumer electronics sales and install management. We are just seeking the right person to help get this going.

We generally work on newer, fairly expensive vehicles. Attention to detail (including not damaging anything!) is a top concern.

If you think this could be a fit, please send your resume with a cover letter. We will be in touch.

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About RubiTrux

We are known worldwide for our "high-end", custom Jeep Wranglers. We have been customizing Jeeps since 1997, but have grown most rapidly in the past three years.